Ever considered powder coating car parts before? Keep reading for the full lowdown.

True car lovers will know that cars are like extensions of ourselves. They are our homes away from home, and we always want to treat them with the utmost care and respect.

Of course, the best care that you can bring to your vehicle is protection. Naturally, you will want to keep your car in as good a condition as possible for as long as possible, and thanks to powder coating, that is very possible.

Although many to this day still don’t know much about powder coating, companies have been using it for years to protect their appliances, tools, and vehicles.

Now, having your car parts powder coated is easier than ever and definitely worth it.

But, what is powder coating, and how will it benefit your vehicle?


Powder Coating - industrial coating services at Vibrant Coatings

What is powder coating?

As the name suggests, auto powder coating is the process of applying a layer of powder to metal parts to better protect them. The powder can protect the metal from corrosion, pitting, fading, and even rust.

Powder coating can apply to a wide range of products and appliances and all different kinds of metals, including bronze, copper, aluminium, brass, titanium, and steel. The only thing that is essential is that the metal is capable of holding an electromagnetic charge and being able to take the heat from the curing process. Thankfully, this means that car parts are ideal for powder coating, and it can be a real asset for any vehicle.


How does powder coating car parts work?

First of all, the powder in the automotive powder coating is made up of a polymer resin, curing agent, flow modifiers, colour pigments, levelling agents, and other ingredients, which are melted and mixed together then left to cool. Once the block has completely cooled down, it is then ground down to form a powder.

As previously mentioned, in order for the powder coating to stick, it needs an electric charge that will attract the powder to the metal. For that, a specific kind of coating gun is needed that will use a positive charge as the powder leaves the gun, thus being attracted to the negative charge on the metal.

Then, once the powder has been laid over the metal, the pieces are put through an intense heat to strengthen the chemical bonding between the powder and the metal, thus leaving the piece for a perfect finish.

Depending on the piece that needs powder coating, multiple layers can be applied in order to achieve the perfect finish and thickness. Naturally, the thicker the powdered coat layer, the more protection it will provide for the metal.


What parts of my car can be covered with powder coating?

If you are interested in protecting the metal on your car, then it is only natural to wonder what parts exactly you can have powder coated.

You will be happy to know that basically any metal element of your car and even certain car accessories can be powder coated. This includes:

  • Rocker covers
  • Transmissions
  • Engine blocks
  • Engine heads
  • Steel rims
  • Alloy wheels
  • Sump guards
  • The chassis
  • Various suspension components
  • Brake callipers
  • Roof racks
  • Roof rails
  • Bike racks

Thankfully, this means that whatever part of your car you would like to be better protected with a complete refurbishment, it can be done with powder coating.


alloy wheel refurbishment

How will powder coating my car parts help?

No matter how well built a vehicle is, all cars are susceptible to corrosion, rust, chips, fading, etc. Sadly, this means that no matter how well we can take care of our vehicles, we watch them fade before us without having much that we can do. As you may know, rust alone on a vehicle is a sure sign that the car is on its last legs and could very well be heading to be crushed soon.

That’s why ensuring that your car is protected with powder coating can save you a lot of time, energy, and money in the future. Your car’s metal pieces will be as best protected as possible, ensuring a longer life for them and an easier time for you! Really, there is no downside to having your car part coated with powder!


Where can I have my car parts powder coated?

Having your car parts powder coated is a great idea, but it will only be worth it if you have it done by an experienced business with the right tools and products at hand.

Vibrant Coatings is one of the UK’s leading shot blasting, spray painting and powder coating enterprises. Based in Clay Cross, we offer our services nationwide and have the state of the art machinery, products, and tools to get the job done in the most efficient way possible.

If you are interested in having your car parts powder coated, then do not hesitate to contact us on 01246 20384533 or email us at info@vibrantcoatings.co.uk today! Whether it’s powder coating alloys or powder coating rims, we’re here to help.