Coloured Powder Coating for Industrial and Automotive Uses

In both industrial settings and in the automotive industry, coloured powder coating has really changed the game for enhancing protection and aesthetics across the board.

However, it’s a misconception that all powder coating jobs have to be dull or just one particular shade or style. In fact, have you ever considered investing in coloured powder coating before?

At Vibrant Coatings, we use top of the line equipment for all coloured powder coating – and years of expertise – to ensure all parts and machinery that leave our premises look fantastic and weather time to come.

If you’re looking to enhance and protect your industrial parts or even parts of your vehicle in line with your brand, now’s the time to break out the palette.

Coloured Powder Coating – Choose colours that match your branding

Anyone in visual marketing will tell you that a brand or business revolves around its colours. If you run a local firm or an online business, there’s every chance you will already have a logo and more that are based around shades and hues you prefer.

Whether that’s a demure blue or a hot pink, there’s nothing stopping you from applying your brand colours to your machinery.

Colour powder coating may not seem like an obvious option to many people, however, it’s a landmark product we’re always proud to provide. One of the major benefits of choosing colour coatings lies in the fact that we have an amazing palette range you can choose from.

That means you can choose any RAL palette or BS colour to blend in perfectly with your specific spectrum. We can also offer special effects in pantone and metallic colours to give a real WOW factor.


Will colour powder coating take longer than the ‘real deal’?

Not at all. In fact, we never use any particular colour as ‘default’. When you first get started with Vibrant Coatings, you’ll get the chance to go into detail about the look you desire. This could be a neon green or banana yellow – or a classy, navy blue. The clue is clear in our name – we can go as vibrant or as downplayed as you wish.

Colour powder coating will take just as long as the project’s preparation demands. You may, for example, wish to opt for chemical rinsing or shot blasting to clean down the surface ready for the coloured powder coats below. Much of this is determined by the types of material being coated – so don’t worry too much, as we will guide you through what’s likely to work best.

Powder coating with colour works just the same as ‘default’ picks such as silver or black. With polymer resin applied with an electric charge, it won’t take long at all for your fresh new colour to be applied and cured.


Won’t coloured powder coating fade quickly?

Hardly – providing you’re careful with your car or any equipment you choose to coat, you’ll likely find coloured powder coating lasts for years to come. In fact, here at Vibrant Coatings, we advise that a professional colour coat can persist for up to two decades. That, of course, depends on how delicate you are, too!

We ensure to provide the best possible quality in powder coating we can achieve. With years of experience in the trade, we know the most effective strategies, tools and products to use to help metal shine for time to come. Businesses come to us to completely revamp and refresh their vehicles and machinery – and to take on a new, refreshed look without the fuss.


What are the benefits of using colour powdered coating?

Beyond the obvious aesthetic benefits on-sight, coating your machinery and automotive parts in branding colours will immediately appeal to prospective customers. It’s a fantastic way to show off who you are and what you do – with a highly subtle touch.

On top of this, coloured powder coating is much more eco-friendly than standard paint options. There’s much less waste created during powder coating jobs, and what’s more, it is completely recyclable. There’s also the fact that coloured powder coating is highly cost-effective. You’ll be able to retain colour and sheen for years at a time without having to continually retouch or re-administer.

Colour powder coating also looks professional. No matter your own commercial or practical needs to have powder coating colours coat your metal, you can be sure that a powdered part really gives off a sheen and gloss that’s protected against the likes of dust, moisture and other elements in wide open spaces. It’s going to carry its colour forward for years when competing against lesser paint jobs.


Why hiring a professional matters

While it may seem easy to set up and carry out coloured powder coating on your own, it’s an intricate process that requires professional, expert support. That’s not purely in terms of health and safety standards, either – but also in terms of choosing the best colour and finish for your given tools, surfaces and other items.

When coloured powder coating your wheel trims or otherwise, working with an expert means there’s absolutely no trial and error expected of you. Simply let us know your RAL code, or give us a quick insight into your colour branding requirements – and we will find the perfect match in no time.

When hiring a professional to powder coat in colour, there’s no need for you to worry about finding or setting up any of the equipment on your own. In addition, our experts know exactly how to get the best results, as well as the details on how to do so with safety in mind.


Book your coloured powder coating today

Whether you’d like to add a new coating to an existing metal or are interested in extending your branding power, now is the time to get in touch with the team at Vibrant Coatings. No matter your industrial or automobile coating needs, we’re here to ensure you benefit from a long-lasting, eye-catching look that’s resistant and robust.

Call us now on 01246 384533 to book you coloured powder coating, or email with any project ideas you may have in mind. Now’s the time to make a real statement – in full colour!