Nowadays, many people choose to have their machines, vehicles, and various components (such as their alloy wheels) powder coated. The reasons are pretty obvious – it looks great, lasts for a long time, and it’s always quick and easy to apply. However, there’s still a tussle between powder coating vs spray painting on the mass market.

There are still many out there who are not sure about the process and whether it is worth the cost. After all, doesn’t spray painting offer the same service – only cheaper?

That’s a popular misconception – alloy wheel powder coating will always be the best option for your vehicle.

In this article on powder coating vs spray painting, we will take a closer look at what powder coating is, what it involves, and why you should invest in powder before spray. Sometimes, it’s better to invest in quality than go for the cheap stuff! We hope by the end you will have the answer to Powder Coating vs Spray Painting when it comes to your alloy wheels.


What is powder coating?

Like spray painting, powder coating finishes are used to colour certain objects, such as wheels and various metal surfaces. As the name suggests, this process revolves around the use of powder instead of traditional paint.

Powder is coated onto the subjects using a spray gun and then heated so that it sticks to the surface. The powder is typically made from acrylic, epoxy, polyester or polyurethane.

Did you know that you likely have lots of household items that are powder coated? Fridges, stoves, washing machines, tables, lamps, you name it – it’s proven cost-effective and reliable for painting all manner of objects. Naturally, you’ll also find that powder coating is highly popular with motorists – but why is this?


Powder coating vs spray painting. The winner is Powder Coating Alloy Wheel RefurbishmentWhich is better, powder coating vs spray painting?

It has long been debated between powder coating vs spray painting and while both powder coating and spray painting have their individual benefits, when it comes to colouring and protecting certain metals, powder coating is usually the best way to go.

Firstly, powder coating typically leaves a much more even and consistent finish. The coat is also thicker, which provides better protection for the object over time. It’ll withstand considerable damage on impact, whereas spray paint can flake and chip.

Thanks to powder coating following an electrostatic process, it is also a lot greener to coat your alloy wheels with powder than with traditional spray paint. The waste produced by powder coating is reportedly up to 95% less than you’d expect with spray painting! If you genuinely care about giving back to the environment, powder coating your wheels is the best way to travel.

Proven to last longer than painting

Powder coating is proven to last a lot longer than spray painting, too. Thanks to its adhesive finish, colours and protection last for potentially years longer than the spray alternative. Its colours do not fade or peel off as they do with spray paint, meaning you’re getting better value for money in the long run.

Powder coating is also more efficient than spray painting, especially when it comes to alloy wheels. Powder coating generally only needs one layer and, therefore, only one application. Spray painting usually takes multiple coats to get a similar thickness and coverage, with drying times to account for in between.

Sadly, spray paint also often leaves marks and streaks, with drips that have dried along the sides. This is not an issue that you will have to face with powder coating – the finish is altogether easier on the eye!

Finally – how long does powder coating last? Believe it or not, the best treatments can last decades – three times as long as other paint!


Powder coating vs spray painting, what’s best for alloy wheels?

It is important while investigating powder coating vs spray painting to note that while powder coating has a longer list of benefits than spray painting, one benefit that sticks out with spray painting is that it is more affordable. With spray painting, too, all you need is a can of product – powder coating, done right, will require professional equipment (as well as specialist care).

While powder coating is more efficient than spray painting long term, initial coatings can take time to set up and perfect. It’s all the more reason why you should reach out to a local expert who can powder coat your wheels for you.

That being said, although the initial price of spray painting may be lower than that of a powder coating project, you will also need to factor in the frequency at which you will have to have the elements of your vehicle repainted.

Your wheels will not be as well protected with the spray paint as they would with powder coating, and are therefore more likely to need replacing throughout the lifetime of your vehicle.

This means that while powder coating may be more expensive than spray painting at first, it is also more cost-efficient and, therefore, a more intelligent choice in the long run. You can trust us on this – the cost of powder coating wheels initially always pays for itself.


Ready to start powder coating your wheels?

When it comes to painting various elements of your vehicle, such as your alloy wheels, there really is no contest – when considering powder coating vs spray painting, powder coating is the way to go.

Although the cost of painting the alloy wheels may be what is holding you back, as you can see, the savings will stack up in the months and years to come. Plus, your alloy wheels will look so much better with a thick, complete coat!

There is a reason why so many motorists choose to have their products powder coated nowadays, and it is simply due to the fact that powder is vastly superior to spray painting.

From machinery to the wheels on your car, hiring the right powder coating company to do the job will make all of the difference, too.

The wheels on your vehicle are arguably the most essential component, so why not give them the care that they deserve? What’s more, the right paint will make you stand out in all the best ways.

If you are interested in having your alloy wheels powder coated now you have read about powder coating vs spray painting, contact Vibrant Coatings for a free quote. Our state-of-the-art equipment produces perfect finishes, every time, no matter the vehicle.

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