Are your car’s alloy wheels starting to look a little bit worse for wear? After years of road use and weathering, even the shiniest of alloys can start to lose their sheen. That’s why so many drivers look into alloy wheel refurbishment!

At Vibrant Coatings, we provide a fantastic powder coating service for your metal refurbishment needs. Car wheel refurbishment is just one of our specialities. If you’re keen to get those alloys looking great again, read on for all you need to know.


What is alloy wheel refurbishment?

Alloy wheel refurbishment ‘does what it says on the tin’. It’s the process of repairing or refurbishing the look of your wheels to restore them to former glory. As you might expect, the team at Vibrant uses the powder coating method for all car wheel refurbishment. This means you can expect a thorough, great-looking coat – one which can effectively restore any corroded or worn-down wheels that might look fairly tired.

In some cases, a quick cosmetic fix may be enough to bring alloy wheels back to their previous standards. However, a full alloy wheel refurbishment, via powder coating, will provide a longer-lasting and more appealing finish. What’s more, it will take care of more lasting or impacting damage.


alloy wheel refurb

How long does alloy wheel refurbishment take?

The length of time it takes to refurbish your alloy wheels all depends on the extent of damage or markings present. Generally, you can expect a careful service to take around 12 to 14 hours. This means you can expect to drive into our centre one day, and usually expect to pick up your vehicle with fantastic, refurbished wheels the next.

However, there are some cases where more intensive alloy wheel refurbishment will be necessary. It’s here where we may request that you offer us up to 3-4 days for a more intensive job. We love a challenge, so rest assured that even if your alloy wheels are really scuffed or corroded, we’ll let you know of timescales ahead of the work starting up.


How long does alloy wheel refurbishment last?

Providing you gently care for your alloy wheels, a professional alloy wheel refurbishment could last years of use on the road. We work with the best tools and products in the industry to ensure you can enjoy long-lasting looks.

However, keep in mind that car wheel refurbishment will only last so long as you take care of them for. That means you need to be mindful of how you treat your wheels! Just as you take good care of the rest of your vehicle (from the bodywork to the suspension and everything inside), so too should you take good care of your alloys.

By this, we mean keeping them clean! All kinds of dirt and debris can cause problems over time for your alloy wheels. Therefore, we always recommend you gently clean your wheels with warm water and a mild soap every week or fortnight. This is a great idea whether you use your car a lot, or if your alloys gather dust in the garage.

We’d normally advise against using anything chemically-based for obvious reasons. If you’re refurbishing your wheels after corrosive damage, the last thing you should do is put your wheels right back in the starting position again!


How much does alloy wheel refurbishment cost?

The overall cost of wheel refurbishment will depend on the extent of damage available when you enter our service centre – each case is slightly different. That’s why we always advise of a ‘starting price’. This means that you can expect costs to increase if work is likely to require additional tools and time to put right.

You can call our team for a quote or email our centre with photos of your alloy wheels – though we’d encourage you to bring your car to our Chesterfield studio so that we can inspect your alloys up close. This means we’ll be able to offer you a firm, reliable quote that you can depend on.


Can you refurbish any make of wheel?

We can certainly refurbish any alloy wheel you bring into our centre! We’ve catered to most makes so far, and while there may be a few rare types that don’t pop up in our workroom too often, our processes and tools are guaranteed to bring lasting results that really work wonders.

Don’t feel that you need to hold back if you’re unsure if we’ll take your wheels – pop in and ask, we really won’t bite!


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Do refurbished wheels add value to a car?

More often than not, yes, refurbished wheels can and will add value to any vehicle. That’s because you are effectively restoring older or even damaged wheels to a fantastic new standard! Aesthetics are very important to many motorists and car owners, meaning that a brand new set is always likely to come across as very appealing.

The wheels are some of the first parts of a car to get damaged and to experience wear and tear. Therefore, it’s generally a good idea to always check the wheels before you buy any second-hand vehicle. Therefore, if your alloy wheels really look the business, you can be sure they’re going to receive some positive attention – and higher prices!

Of course, the extent of damage done to your wheels may affect the price you receive if you sell your car on. What’s more, if your car is damaged or well-worn in other ways, there is no guarantee that even the best refurbishment of your wheels will balance things out.



Alloy wheel refurbishment is a great idea of your car’s wheels are starting to get scuffed or corroded. Make sure to always take your car to a specialist powder coating firm local to you for the best, longest-lasting results!

Vibrant Coatings’ expert team is here to help you get the most out of your alloy wheels. Get in touch now to book in, or bring your car along for an inspection while you wait!