Protecting your metal just makes sense. Whether it’s your vehicle or equipment you use day in, day out, even the hardiest of metals will start to degrade and erode over time. That considered, have you ever looked into powder coating steel before?

Powder coating steel carries a huge variety of benefits over traditional painting and protecting. By blasting and coating your steel with ground resin, powder melts into a film, cooling and adhering to your chosen surface.

Beyond the science of powder coating, let’s take a look at why powder coating stainless steel makes even more sense in practice.


It’s resistant against rust and corrosion

When subjected to humidity and damp, metal is liable to rust. Steel and even stainless steel may be one of the hardiest materials in this regard, but even then, it’s going to need protection against the elements for as long as possible.

By powder coating steel, you’re effectively helping to stave off the inevitable. Powder coating can help to prevent oxidation – meaning unsightly and degrading rust is kept at bay for longer and structural integrity is maintained.

Rust isn’t just ugly, it’s highly damaging – meaning even the most expensive of equipment can fall prey to it with little effort. Rusting isn’t always a sign of neglect, either – simply that you need to better protect your metal against the elements. Adding a further pre-treatment stage can ensure your components last even longer when out in the elements.


black alloy wheelsIt helps to keep your steel robust

Without a protective coat or layer, steel is at risk of weakening much quicker than you may normally expect. Powder coating steel, while effectively applying a thin layer of resin over the top, is impressive in its protective prowess.

Powder coating any steel will help it to retain its shape, durability and form, and will therefore help your vehicle or tool to withstand unexpected damage or weathering much easier. Consider powder coating as an extra sheet or armour over the top of your highly durable steel – it’s double the protection!


Powder Coating Steel the Colours last for longer

Traditional paint, such as that available in spray cans, looks great when first applied. But, take another look in a few months’ time. Your car or bike, for example, is likely to start flaking or even letting damage through to your steel underneath – with very little provocation.

Powder coating steel means you’re effectively covering your metal with high-adherent resin, binding together to create a longer-lasting aesthetic. The colour and finish of a powder coat are much more likely to withstand the months to come. That means you can be sure your metal – no matter where you use it – continues looking appealing and vibrant with minimal effort.


Cracks are History When Powder Coating steel

Again, traditional paint (such as sprayed-on) is never going to last too long in practice. While it looks superb freshly coated, traditional paint has a habit of chipping, cracking, flaking and peeling. This can happen for many reasons, too – even the weather can cause inferior-quality paint to warp and splinter!

Powder coating, meanwhile, arrives with none of the caveats described. While all paint will need reciting after some time, powder coating withstands more than traditional spray by a long distance. This is all the more helpful when considering how you intend to use your steel. If it’s exposed to sunlight or high temperatures, for example, you are likely to benefit from powder coating from the off.


You’re protected by experts

There’s a reason why most people seek out expert help when it comes to powder coating steel and finishing. That’s because they can always expect the best quality results! Powder coating steel at home or on a DIY basis at work is not only a complex affair, but it can also prove costly. At Vibrant Coatings, we make sure you have access to the best tools, top-quality powder, and a range of finishes to suit your precise needs.

What’s more, we never charge over the odds for the service you receive. You’ll also benefit from fantastic value powder coating that ensures you’re protected for years to come.


It’s eco-friendly

Traditional paint and spray can solutions aren’t the greenest of options on the market right now. But, while there is a bigger eco-push than ever thanks to increasing evidence of climate change, these options remain popular simply because they are the most obvious routes to take. Powder coating may not be obvious to the mass market, but it is far and beyond the most environmentally-friendly paint option for stainless steel right now.

Powder coating’s ecological impacts are far smaller than those you’d expect from spray painting. There’s no need for solvents that are likely to damage the environment, and unlike traditional paint in liquid form, there’s no risk of vapour emitted during the coating process. Therefore, if you’re looking for a green, efficient way to coat your steel without having to pay over the odds, powder coating is by far the leading choice.


steel colour powder coatingThere’s no need for maintenance

Unlike traditional liquid and spray paint, there’s very little need for you to continue re-coating and maintaining powder. Its amazingly hard, resistant finish will stand on its own for months and years ahead, meaning you won’t have to check the paint job every five minutes.

A lack of maintenance also means no need for you to spend unnecessarily on redoing your paint. While these costs may not seem like much initially, they can add up – especially if you’re putting your metal through a lot day to day!


Powder coating is the sole solution for stainless steel

While stainless steel is famously resistant, antimicrobial and is amazingly hard-wearing, ineffective paints and coatings can seriously spoil the effect. That’s why it’s important to consider options such as powder coating – which will help your metal look fantastic and will protect it against the elements.

Vibrant Coatings is the leading name in local powdering coating for stainless steel and more besides. Whether for your vehicle, for work or for metallic installations, get in touch with our team and find out more about what we can do for you.