For anyone wanting the answer to what is shot blasting is most likely already thinking of having something shot blasted and coating but needing more information. We hope that this article will help you understand the answer as well as knowing more about the process!

When it comes to rusty or oxidised material, you are naturally going to want to remove as much debris as possible before you go ahead and paint, or powder coat. The reasons for this should be fairly obvious – not only will your paint job look lousy, it simply won’t adhere properly, either! That’s where shot blasting can come in handy.


What is shot blasting?

Shot blasting is the process of using a high pressure stream of shot media to create a shockwave, which blasts away contaminants from surfaces such as metal, concrete, brick, stone etc..

The concept is simple. When you apply a strong enough force (in terms of pressure), to an object, then you’ll cause the particles within it to break off, and fly away with incredible speed. That means that all the nasty stuff like rust, corrosion and other nastiness gets blasted away, leaving the surface nice and clean.


Why should I consider shot blasting?

The advantages come thick and fast – it’s efficient, and highly effective at getting the worst of corrosion up and away.

Shot blasting is fantastic at cleaning up metal surfaces that have suffered from oxidisation (rust), and which may be dotted with debris and dirt. One of the major benefits of shot blasting a surface is that it helps to improve its appearance by removing any surface debris from around the area being worked on. It also has proven effective at improving many different types of surfaces.

Important to use a quality primer

It’s worth considering shot blasting metal if you are keen to start applying powder coating or paint. If you paint or powder over a metal surface that is covered in debris, then it could potentially lead to problems during application. As most paints don’t stick well to smooth metals, they sometimes need to be primed first, so that they are able to bond properly onto the surface.

Beyond this, even if you have a great quality primer, paint and powder coatings simply won’t adhere properly if there is too much debris or detritus. Therefore, be careful to get all of this ferrous damage up and out of the way before you add a coating.


What is shot blasting media?

Beyond the many benefits, it’s important to understand how it all works in practice.

The shot blasting process uses small, spherical pieces known as shot media. These are small rounds that are loaded into a pressurised pot and then deployed at high speed to effectively remove debris and staining that otherwise won’t move through simple cleaning or maintenance.

Is DIY an option?

If you’re thinking about doing some DIY, it’s possible to buy shot blasting machines that do everything for you. However, it’s quicker, safer, and more affordable to consult a local expert – we’d recommend you give us a call if you are completely new to the concept.

What’s more, the size and deployment of shot media will depend entirely on the project at stake. One surface in need of a shot blast may be very different to the next – meaning that there is often a lot of preparation needed. It’s a really good idea, therefore, to call someone who can handle it all for you.


What materials can be put through shot blasting?

Many materials can be put through shot blasting, although some of the more popular ones include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Mild steel
  • Cast iron
  • Titanium
  • Copper
  • Concrete
  • Ceramics


Time to call for shot blasting support

Now that you know all about shot blasting, it’s time to find the perfect professionals to handle the job for you. As much work as the average shot blasting machine does, it will not deliver the quality of the work that you should expect without the expertise of trained engineers behind it.

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We are proud to say that we work closely with our clients and attend to each project with a specific manager to ensure that from the moment we receive your materials, you can be sure they are in safe hands.

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