Powder Coating Finishes: Everything There is to Know

Powder coating remains the most cost-effective finishing method available for commercial and private vehicle painting needs – and it’s safe to say it’s picked up quite a following up and down the UK.

But what are powder coating finishes exactly – and how do you know which options are likely to work best for your budget and your aesthetics?

In this guide, we will explore:

  • What powder coating does
  • The wider benefits of using power coating
  • Different types available for you to buy
  • How to choose the best finishes for your needs

Let’s get started.

What is Powder Coating?

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Put briefly, powder coating is the process of applying a powdered compound to a metallic surface. It can cover all kinds of appliances, vehicle parts, signs and more – virtually every kind of metallic object or surface, in fact.

During the coating process, powder is electrostatically charged and sprayed onto the surface, thus, coating it.

The charged powder then adheres to the surface, forming a strong layer between the base product and the outer finish.

Powder coating is immensely versatile. There’s multiple different powder styles – for example, you can choose between glossy or matte finishes.

But beyond the perfect finish, what are the benefits of powder coating?

What are the Benefits of Powder Coating Finishes?

Powder coating provides a fantastic look and finish that’s not just a pretty face. For example, a professional powder coating project will:

  • Protect your metallic surface(s) for years to come, against weather and a variety of damage
  • Save you money on having to refinish and repaint the same surfaces with traditional methods continuously
  • Provide you with a variety of aesthetics that simply aren’t available through traditional painting options
  • Help you cut down on your carbon footprint – powder coating is one of the most eco-friendly painting options on the market
  • Get great results fast – powder coating cures quicker than traditional options

Of course, there are still plenty of benefits to using spray paints – but for many businesses and motorists, powder coating finishes tick plenty of boxes when it comes to convenience and value for money.

With all that in mind, what kind of looks and finishes can you expect with powder coating?

Types of Powder Coating Finishes

As mentioned above, there are multiple kinds of powder coating finishes. All will provide long-lasting, eye-catching protection for time to come. However, a few differences between styles and types are worth keeping in mind.

Here are a few different powder coating finishes you may want to consider.

blue BMW

Metallic Powder Coating Finishes

Some appliances and vehicles just look better with a metallic finish. While that sounds a little reductive, a metallic finish gives an object a more reflective appearance and provides a visual texture.

This type of finish looks great on car parts and signage – it makes an object seem newer, cleaner, and stronger. It can really provide a lot of visual confidence!

Matte Powder Coating Finishes

Matte finishes are ideal if you really don’t want to leap into reflective coating. This textured look offers more of a unique aesthetic, and when used professionally, can help to transform almost any surface or object.

And, just like metallic finishes, matte coating arrives in various colours to suit your preferences.

Gloss Powder Coating Finishes

While some people choose to mix metallic and glossy finishes, always remember they are vastly different types of powder compound. A glossy finish makes an object look shinier and – as the name suggests – glossy!

It stands out a little more compared to metallic powder coatings – metallic is perhaps best if you want to create a ‘new’ or ‘stronger’ look for your surface, whereas glossy finishes really make surfaces ‘pop’.

Great for various vehicles, we recommend gloss powder coating to customers who want to create serious statements.

Textured Powder Coating Finishes

Powder coating can transform the feel and look of a vehicle or service. A more textured finish gives an object a more ‘rough’ or, rather, a different feel when touching it. It can also make objects look more organic and rustic – great for adding character!

There’s also a physical benefit to textured powder coating – it can also provide extra grip if needed.

Two-Tone Powder Coating Finishes

Finally, as the name suggests, two-tone powder coating combines two different colours or finishes on the same object. This is a popular option for car parts, motorbike parts, and certain high-end consumer products.

Two-tone finishing allows you to create unique colour blends and styles – it’s perfect for any motorist or business looking to stand out.

How to Choose the Right Powder Coating Finish

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You need to take a few crucial steps before selecting your ideal powder coating finish. Of course, it always helps to speak to a professional team (such as the crew here at Vibrant Coatings), but here are a few ideas to help you get started.

  • What colours are you considering? Try using swatches or samples to match up against your metal before choosing.
  • Do consider effect swatches, too, such as two-tone and metallic looks. It pays to ‘try before you buy’ so you’re not disappointed!
  • Think about your need for coating thickness. One of the very few downsides of powder coating is that coating is not always easy to control or make even.
  • Be sure that you choose the colour you’d like to stick with. Mixing powder coating colours in the long run can lead to bleeding and cross-contamination – not a great look!

Ready to Get Coating?

There are plenty of great benefits to powder coating vehicles, surfaces, and components. However, it really does pay to work with professionals who can ensure you get as even a coat as possible for a great price.

So, if you are interested in powder coating finishes for your home or commercial project(s), contact Vibrant Coatings on 01246 20384533 or email us at info@vibrantcoatings.co.uk for a quote!