The question of, whether is powder coating better than paint has been asked many times. This blog post will answer many of the finer points and explain why we feel it is.

Paint’s been around forever – it’s the standard when it comes to getting all manner of materials covered and finished, and spray painting, in particular, has proven highly useful over the years. However, there’s a (not-so) new kid on the block that’s ready to take up its fabled mantle. Is powder coating better than paint?

In many ways, powder coating can work better than paint for various reasons – but the ideal choice for you may depend on your project, its size, and your budget needs. Let’s take a closer look at this head-to-head between powder coating vs. paint.


How does powder coating work – and why is it useful?

powder coated alloy wheels - is powder coating better than paint?

Like spray painting, powder coating is commonly used to colour various tools, vehicles, and metal components. The powder used is made of various ingredients such as acrylic, epoxy, polyester, and polyurethane – the list goes on. So, let’s keep this nice and simple.

The main appeal behind powder coating is that it provides a smooth, long-lasting finish on metal and other surfaces.

Car manufacturing

You’ll likely finish powder coating across your home. Nowadays, powder coating is used on all kinds of appliances such as stoves, washing machines, fridges, lamps, and tables – even in car manufacturing and on the various components that go into our four-wheeled friends.

For powder coating to work, surfaces and/or materials are first thoroughly cleaned to ensure that the mixture adheres properly. Then, the powder is put through an electrostatic process to charge with energy – again, to ensure adhesion.

Powder sticks

The finished product is then heated and cured to ensure that the powder sticks to it properly and for as long as possible. The finish should be clean and smooth – with no breaks or cracks.

Powder coating is popular for being more environmentally friendly, and often more efficient than spray painting. It’s also available in a wider palette of colours, and you have a broader selection of finishes, too.

So – right away, powder coating is up a few points – but how else does it compare to spray paint, and are there any benefits to going the more traditional route?


How is powder coating different to spray paint?

As you may know, spray painting involves pumping and layering – it’s a pretty simple process that requires much less effort than powder coating, and you can sometimes tackle it yourself. It tends to be the first choice for people who want to get materials painted on their own terms as cheaply as possible.

Spray painting is a go-to option that’s been around for decades. It’s easy to apply and re-apply where necessary, and it’s available in a broad palette of colours and custom mixes. Wet painting offers a thin finish that, while aesthetically similar to powder coating, is suitable for more than just heated surfaces alone. Spray painting is also perfect for projects of all sizes.

Target surface

Powder coating differs largely from spray paint in that it doesn’t need a solvent to adhere to material and surfaces. However, unlike traditional painting, you’ll need to heat up your target surface for the powder to fully cure. There’s give and take.

Both spray paint and powder coating endure years of use depending on what you subject your surfaces too. But, how long does a powder coat last compared to paint?

Is powder coating better than paint? The short answer is yes and it lasts years at a time!

Traditional paint

Some traditional paint can easily fade over time, usually due to weather (such as a lot of sun exposure, heavy rain, etc.) – therefore, powder coating may be more appropriate if you’re going to keep your components outdoors. Indoors, you may still wish to consider spray as a cheaper alternative.

Spray paint is highly flexible

Project size will also dictate whether or not it’s worth you investing in powder coating or spray paint. As mentioned, spray paint is highly flexible for small and large projects, and intricate spots along the way – it can be precise or far-reaching. Powder coating tends to be a better choice for large-scale painting, particularly as it’s more cost-effective than spray painting in this respect.


is powder coating better than paint see this steel colour powder coatingIs powder coating better than paint?

That all depends on what you need to coat – but in many cases, powder coating may be more cost-effective, and may provide you with longer-lasting results. While we owe spray painting a lot thanks to the jobs they’ve helped us finish over the years, powder coating is now considered the standard for large-scale painting projects.

Smaller components

Spray painting, in the right hands, can look fantastic – you can get a great finish with even tones, no drips, and a solid colour. Even for certain smaller components, you may not want to spend a higher amount on powder coating. For example, if it’s for a component that will not be seen frequently and doesn’t risk as much weathering or damage, then spray painting may be better value for money.

Painting solution

Regardless of the option you choose, it’s always a good idea to speak to professional painters who can help you find the best fit. The team at Vibrant Coatings, for example, will look at your project’s various needs and work with you to find a painting solution that’s cost and time-effective and will provide the look and resilience you’re searching for.

Is powder coating better than paint
Our Conclusion

If you are interested in having your vehicle, appliances, or various components powder coated or spray painted, then contact Vibrant Coatings as a priority. We work with individuals, sole traders, and businesses alike – no matter what you need coating, we’ll show you the most efficient way to get your metal painted up and looking great. In the overall battle between paint vs. powder coating – powder coating just edges the win, but your circumstances may vary!

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