Powder coating can be used on all kinds of components on a vehicle, from the body to the wheels! In fact, alloy wheel refurbishments are some of the most common uses of powder coating. The entire process will help to mend the look of your wheels and give them entirely new leases on life!

However, the process can be extensive, from repairs to the wheels and deep cleaning to the actual powder coating itself. But, once you’ve seen the alloy wheel refurbishment process with advanced powder coating for yourself, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner. It’s certainly one of the most popular types of alloy wheel refurbishment – so let’s take a look at why.


Breaking down the alloy wheel refurbishment process

alloy wheel refurbishmentTo start the powder coating process, you’ll need to prepare the wheels appropriately. If they are being refurbished, chances are that there will be a few issues to address so as to not just paint over them!

This could be anything from scratches and chips to depressions and dents. Any damage to a wheel’s rims or face will need to be dealt with before you start powder coating.

However, it is essential to note that wheels that have been severely dented or even buckled cannot be painted. This is because the dents may be a safety concern – it’s often best to get damaged wheels replaced completely.

Then, your wheels will need to be prepared for the powder coating. This is essential, as the preparation will determine how well the powder sticks to the wheels! Should this step be skipped, or done too quickly, then the coating simply won’t work as well as you expect.

Multiple methods exist for preparing an object’s surface, such as using a degreaser or a type of phosphate to clean it, then rinsing the object in water. Shot blasting is also commonly used, however, this usually applies to much larger and thicker components.

Then, your alloy wheels are heated to ‘gas out’ – this removes any air before the first layer of powder coating is applied. That first layer is then given time to cure and set before any specific finishes are made. Once your wheels have your desired finish, they are heated again before being covered in a clear lacquer coat. This is to help protect the wheels from external issues such as UV light, rain, dirt, and more.

Generally speaking, it can take between 12 to 14 hours to complete the process. However, on particularly badly damaged wheels, it can take three to four days to complete the refurbishment in full. Either way, soon enough, you can expect to be back on the road with your newly refurbished wheels.


Why use advanced powder coating for alloy wheel refurbishment?

Getting your alloy wheels looking their best is crucial – but why should you opt for advanced powder coating above all other methods?


You’ll get the perfect finish

There’ll be no traces of dripping paint, no varying shades along the wheels, just pristine colour and finish across the entire wheel. Many tend to focus on cars’ bodies and tend just to clean the wheels every now and then.

But, as good as your car’s bodywork may look, damaged or old wheels will always reduce its appeal. Having wheels that match the quality of the rest of the vehicle will make a huge difference for you, as the owner, and for any potentially interested buyers.


You can pick from a huge range of colours and finishes

Nowadays, powder coating comes in a wider range of colours and finishes than you might think! This makes it easier to find the perfect shade and finish for any vehicle to suit your sense of style, and that of your car. Why not go for a completely new shade or tone for a change?


It’s environmentally friendly

One of the best things about advanced powder coating is that it is actually one of the most environmentally friendly painting options available for your car. It is highly efficient and produces very little waste.

Other forms of coating, such as spray painting, can produce a lot of waste (and may be less efficient). So, while powder coating may be more expensive than other processes, you get a lot more for your money!


You’ll benefit from years of protection

Aside from offering a perfect finish, powder coating also provides unbeatable protection for the components it covers! Your wheels, in particular, will face all kinds of environmental weathering, such as from dirt, gravel, UV light, hail, frost, and more.

Sadly, this means that while you may spend a lot of time making them look pristine, that finish may only last for a short while. However, advanced powder coating can help your alloys endure even the harshest of environments and the most frequent of use.


black alloy wheels - showing our alloy wheel refurbishment process and end results

You could increase the value of your vehicle

Sprucing up your wheels can really help to add extra value to any vehicle you’re thinking of selling on. Of course, this will entirely depend on who wants to buy the vehicle and if the wheels’ finish matches their preferences. However, the added protection and stylish finish on the wheels will only ever increase the value of your car!



The alloy wheel refurbishment process certainly takes time, but in the hands of experienced professionals, you can expect a wonderful set of alloys that look good as new – and which will endure just about anything you have to throw at them.

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